ESET antivirus application to secure your USB drive

DriveSecurity™ powered by ESET

ESET antivirus application to secure your external portable hard drives and USB flash drives.

USB drive security helps protect your home networks

Protect your Windows computers and everyone who uses them from viruses and other malware that are commonly transmitted by USB drives. DriveSecurity uses the award-winning ESET NOD32® antivirus engine to detect and eliminate viruses, spyware, Trojans, worms, rootkits, adware and other Internet threats before they can be transmitted onto your portable drives.

This means that any files you place on your USB drive are malware-free and safe to share with others. It’s easy, with no need to install anything on a host computer – DriveSecurity operates from the USB drive itself for speed and convenience.

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Share, play and collaborate knowing USBs are safe

Shield icon representing protection

Safely share photos, music, videos and more with friends, family or colleagues. Antivirus/antispyware protection means files on your drives are safe.

Icon of virus protection

Use public or shared computers knowing your drive and any sensitive information on it is protected from attempts to install spyware or worms.

Removable media scanning

Confidently transfer data among computers, devices and users. Your protected USB drives won’t pick up any viruses along the way that could infect other machines.

Improved Security

Easily print or share photos using any public kiosk. Even if someone has installed malware meant to steal or destroy info, DriveSecurity keeps your devices and files secure.

Extend your protection with our award-winning security solutions.

When it comes to cybersecurity, protecting your USB devices is a great start. Next, learn about adding protection to cover all your family members as well as your household, home office and mobile devices.

ESET delivers convenient, easy-to-use solutions for Windows®, Mac®, Android®, and Linux™. Our fast-running software has such a light footprint, you’ll never know it’s there. With features ranging from anti-theft for mobile devices to parental Web controls, ESET lets everyone explore the Web with total peace of mind.