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Cybersecurity Leader from Slovakia to Build the Next Hub of the Industry

ESET’s future green campus and company headquarters cost will rise to approximately 100 million Euro


It’s a five out of five for ESET Endpoint Security

ESET Endpoint Security recently earned five out of five stars in every category following a review by SC Magazine

Latest Press Releases

Russian-made PSYOPs in Ukraine: Operation Texonto targets Ukrainians with war-related disinformation, ESET Research discovers

ESET Research recently discovered Operation Texonto, a disinformation/psychological operations (PSYOPs) campaign using spam emails as the main distribution method. The Russia-aligned threat actors…

ESET Research discovers espionage apps on the attack in Pakistan, utilizing romance scams

ESET Research discovered a new cyberespionage campaign that, with a high level of confidence, ESET attributes to the Patchwork APT group.

ESET Research joins global operation to disrupt the Grandoreiro banking trojan operating in Latin America and Spain

ESET worked alongside the Federal Police of Brazil in an attempt to disrupt the Grandoreiro botnet.

ESET Research discovers new China-aligned APT group Blackwood that uses advanced implant to attack within China, Japan, and the UK

ESET Research has discovered the NSPX30 implant being deployed via the update mechanisms of legitimate software, such as Tencent QQ, WPS Office, and Sogou Pinyin, and attributes this activity to a new…


Attack of the copycats: How fake messaging apps and app mods could bite you

WhatsApp, Telegram and Signal clones and mods remain a popular vehicle for malware distribution. Don’t get taken for a ride.

Love is in the AI: Finding love online takes on a whole new meaning

Is AI companionship the future of not-so-human connection – and even the cure for loneliness?

Cracking the 2023 SANS Holiday Hack Challenge

From ChatNPT to Game Boys and space apps, this year’s challenge took us to the Geese Islands for another rollicking romp of fun

Cybersecurity trends and challenges to watch out for in 2024 – Week in security with Tony Anscombe

What are some of the key cybersecurity trends that people and organizations should have on their radars this year?