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A simple and comprehensive approach that encourages awareness and supports the security frameworks often required by insurers.

Email protection
What to look for, what to avoid

Web protection
Wi-Fi, IoT and search engine security

Social engineering
How to recognize scams, what to do

Threats overview
Malware, phishing & insider threats

Password policies
Best practices like 2FA, and how to use them

Remote workforce
Stay safe while working from home

What do you get with ESET Cybersecurity Awareness Training?

  • Learn techniques that will protect your organization, and your personal privacy
  • Share easily with your employees and colleagues
  • Choose from 19 cybersecurity topics in 5 main categories
  • Enjoy interactive video content
  • ESET Cybersecurity Awareness Training includes a final recap quiz
  • Start training immediately after filling out the form

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Digital Security Guide

Digital Security Guide is ESET's content platform for small and medium business owners and IT administrators to help stay up to date on new data security and cybersecurity regulations, technologies, or emerging threats.

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