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Cybersecurity Leader from Slovakia to Build the Next Hub of the Industry

ESET’s future green campus and company headquarters cost will rise to approximately 100 million Euro


It’s a five out of five for ESET Endpoint Security

ESET Endpoint Security recently earned five out of five stars in every category following a review by SC Magazine

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Banking turmoil opens opportunities for fraud – Week in security with Tony Anscombe

Scammers are looking to cash in on the chaos that has set in following the startling meltdowns of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank and the crisis at Credit Suisse

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SVB’s collapse is a scammer’s dream: Don’t get caught out

How cybercriminals can exploit Silicon Valley Bank's downfall for their own ends – and at your expense

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Not‑so‑private messaging: Trojanized WhatsApp and Telegram apps go after cryptocurrency wallets

ESET researchers analyzed Android and Windows clippers that can tamper with instant messages and use OCR to steal cryptocurrency funds

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The slow Tick‑ing time bomb: Tick APT group compromise of a DLP software developer in East Asia

ESET Research uncovered a campaign by APT group Tick against a data-loss prevention company in East Asia and found a previously unreported tool used by the group

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