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  • WannaCry encrypts speed cameras

    WannaCry is the ransomware that knocked the world for six, and infected global companies like the NHS, Telefónica, and FedEx. More recently, Australian speed cameras have been compromised.

  • Three key ways to protect your business

    With cyber-attacks happening increasingly more often, we look into how to protect your business from Malware, and ask our IT Security Specialist, Mark James, for his top tips.

  • New mobile phishing threat

    As the mobile phone market has grown, and Smart phones are in the pockets of most people nowadays, it’s not surprising that hackers are targeting mobile devices more than ever.

  • Microsoft issues emergency patch

    Microsoft released an emergency patch update to include fixes for the older versions of Windows and Windows Server dating back to 2001 releases, like XP.

  • Nigerian Phishing attack on companies

    Nigerian Phishing scammers are targeting industrial companies worldwide, with well composed emails and messages which contain malicious content.

  • E-cigarettes used to hack computers

    B-Sides, London’s recent cyber security conference, highlighted new research and innovation in cyber security and hacking. One interesting presentation by researcher Ross Bevington, showed how an...