Corporate Blog

  • Virgin America compromised

    Virgin America notified its employees that its network was compromised back in March 2017. Data concerning thousands of employees and contractors was accessed by unauthorised persons.

  • How do you create a strong password?

    Mark James, ESET IT Security Specialist, gives some top tips on how to create a strong password.

  • Legitimate websites redirecting to dangerous sites?

    Vulnerabilities were found in Microsoft Edge back at the beginning of the year, which affected web browsers when in Reading Mode.

  • Are IoT devices making your home vulnerable?

    Internet of Things is slowly, but surely, taking over the home. From Alexa to Smart fridges, and now even Smart home security - but can it guarantee security of your private network?

  • Are fingerprints and iris scans strong enough?

    Different types of phone locking technology is becoming more readily available, with the use of passcodes and the introduction of biometrics.

  • BUPA Breach

    BUPA customers are taking to Twitter to express concerns regarding a recent email informing them about a breach to their personal information and health insurance policy.