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  • Post-GDPR steps

    We now live in a post-GDPR world. Make sure you aren’t caught afoul of the new regulation with these simple steps.

  • GDPR Checklist

    Tomáš Mičo, ESET Senior Data Protection and Licencing Lawyer, suggests five important points to focus on when considering your organisations GDPR compliance.

  • Chat app under attack

    Crypto-chat app, Telegram, is being targeted by a new piece of malware.

  • You should appoint a DPO

    A data protection officer, or DPO, is a role introduced by GDPR and is focused on ensuring internal compliance and smooth communication with relevant parties.

  • Website targeted with card-skimming malware

    Credit card-skimming malware has been used to steal card details on a rail ticket website.

  • Types of software to help with GDPR

    GDPR compliance isn’t all about encryption: what other types of software can help you achieve compliance?