Cloud Security

Preventive protection for cloud-based applications such as email, collaboration and storage. A powerful combination of spam filtering, anti‑malware scanning, anti‑phishing and cloud sandboxing capabilities.

ESET Cloud Office Security
Advanced protection for Microsoft 365 applications

Cloud security

Preventive protection for cloud-based applications such as email and storage. A powerful combination of spam filtering, anti‑malware scanning and anti‑phishing capabilities.

ESET Cloud Office Security

Advanced protection for Microsoft 365 applications


Why do customers appreciate our cloud security solution?

Secured cloud applications

Equip your Microsoft 365 Exchange Online, OneDrive, Teams and SharePoint Online with an extra layer of advanced protection.

Business continuity

Helps eliminate unsolicited emails, targeted attacks and ransomware, allowing employees to focus on their jobs and ensure business continuity.

Cloud-based console & automation

Get immediate notifications direct to your dedicated console, or via alerts. New users are protected automatically.

Common use cases

Worried about

Risk mitigation?

A company owner wants to apply specific measures to minimise cybersecurity risks and maintain business continuity.

Worried about

Data stored in the cloud?

There are frequent exchanges of large files on company cloud storage between internal and external people.

Worried about

Ransomware, unknown or questionable files?

Ransomware tends to enter unsuspecting users’ mailboxes through email.

What makes our solution a perfect fit for your needs?

Cloud security

ESET Cloud Office Security

Provides advanced protection for Microsoft 365 applications against malware, spam or phishing attacks with ultimate zero-day threat defense and an easy-to-use cloud management console.

Advanced protection

  • Anti-spam
  • Anti-phishing
  • Anti-malware
  • Cloud Sandbox New ESET Dynamic Threat Defense
    Proactive protection against zero-day threats that analyses suspicious samples in an isolated cloud sandbox environment.
  • Cloud-based console

Protected applications

Exchange Online, OneDrive, Teams, SharePoint Online

For SharePoint on-premises, click here

Explore ESET Cloud Office Security features


Now using an enhanced, award-winning engine with improved performance, this essential component filters all spam emails and keeps user mailboxes free of unsolicited or undesired messages.


Prevents users from accessing web pages that are known to be phishing sites. Email messages can contain links that lead to phishing web pages.


Scans all incoming emails and attachments, as well as all new and changed files. This helps keep the user’s mailbox malware-free, as well as preventing the spread of malware through cloud storage across multiple devices.

Cloud sandbox analysis New

Proactive threat defense against new, never-before-seen type of threats. Utilizes advanced adaptive scanning, cutting-edge machine learning, cloud sandboxing and in-depth behavioral analysis.

Automatic protection

With this option enabled, admins can be sure that new users created within the Microsoft 365 tenant will be automatically protected, without the need to add them separately in the console.

Quarantine manager

An admin can inspect objects in this storage section and decide to delete or release them. This feature offers simple management of emails and files that have been quarantined by our security product.

System requirements and licence information

Supported browsers

  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Google Chrome
  • Opera
  • Safari

Note: For the best experience with the ESET Cloud Office Security, we recommend that you keep your web browsers up to date.

The following are required to start your Microsoft 365 protection

  • Supported Microsoft 365 subscription plan
  • Admin access to Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)
  • Azure Cloud Services – Exchange | OneDrive | Sharepoint | Teams
  • An account in ESET Business Account or ESET MSP Administrator portal

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ESET's cloud security is available in the following solutions:

Secured cloud applications and multilayered endpoint protection.

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Cloud security

All included components:
  • Cloud-Based Console
  • Endpoint Protection
  • File Server Security
  • Full Disk Encryption
  • Cloud Sandbox
  • Cloud App Protection

Advanced protection for Microsoft 365 apps, with ultimate zero-day threat defence.

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Cloud security

  • Anti-Spam
  • Anti-Phishing
  • Anti-Malware
  • Cloud Sandbox NEW
  • Cloud-Based Console