Protecting our customers with tips on how ESET products secure people working from home

Important information from ESET

Protecting our customers with tips on how ESET products secure people working from home

Important information from ESET

Maintain visibility and management of your devices

Many of us have quickly switched to working remote. This could mean a large majority of computers are no longer in your place of business. Ensure you continue to have visibility of your ESET managed devices by using ESET Security Management Center (ESMC) or ESET Cloud Administrator (ECA). This will allow you to still ensure your devices are safe, secure, and that you maintain visibility and manageability. This may mean you need to configure your network to allow continued management of ESET protected devices.

  • Using ESMC, see this KB article for what is required to allow ESET Management while devices are remote
  • Using ECA, you are already setup and no further action is needed.

Ensure your endpoint security protection can still receive updates while not connected to your work network

Using a combination of ESET’s “Dynamic Groups” and “Policies”, you can quickly ensure endpoints can continue to receive seamless updates to detections and modules while they are remote. You can even use these dynamic groups (in the linked steps) to see which devices are remote.

  • Here is where you can find steps to combine Dynamic Groups and Policies to ensure uninterrupted protection

Security Management of BYOD devices

During these times, while your work force is temporarily remote, they may be using BYOD computers and there may be no security solution installed. Recommend they use some form of endpoint security, even if only a trial, or offer to install your managed endpoint solution. Both ESMC and ECA offer simple install methods to quickly make this happen and to allow an easy way for your end users to install managed ESET solutions on their BYOD computers.

Protect company data from being lost or stolen

Having employees work from home means computers and data are at a higher risk of being lost or stolen. To respond to this change you can harden your security policies by enforcing security measures such as data encryption to all devices. ESET Full Disk Encryption can be deployed and managed alongside ESET Endpoint Protection products using ESET Security Management Center (ESMC) and ESET Cloud Administrator (ECA). This allows you to make sure your data remains secure while remote and set more strict policies for how data is managed on remote devices.

  • See the different ways you can secure data with ESET here

Securing company data when employees are using their home wi-fi

Personal networks may not be as secure as a work network and ensuring your workforce has a firewall or defenses against network attacks during these times is very important. Turning on your ESET Endpoint Security Firewall is one way to bolster your remote workforce security. All ESET’s v7 line of Windows Products also have Network Attack Protection to help keep your workforce secure while on non-company managed networks.

  • Go here to see a list of differences in ESET products
  • Go here for information on configuring a custom network profile using ESMC

Maintain awareness of phishing attempts and other possible scams

Some attackers are attempting to capitalize on COVID-19 confusion with emails that impersonate government organizations or IT employees. If your users know the general signs of phishing attempts, they’ll be well-equipped to spot trouble before it happens. ESET’s Cybersecurity Awareness Training covers this and is available in both a free and premium format.

  • Learn more about scams exploiting coronavirus fears

Employ measures to require users to authenticate when accessing the company network

Now is a good time to ensure you are implementing multi-factor authentication (MFA) where it's needed to ensure users accessing your devices or network are your users. From protecting access to an employee’s workstation via Windows login or RDP, to employing MFA to your VPN connection of your corporate network. ESET Secure Authentication can help with this.

  • See the different ways you can secure data with ESET here

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