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Prevent. React. Foresee.

Combining the skills of our world-class IT security research teams, and the cutting-edge technology of ESET IT security products that act preventively, proactively and reactively.




The world’s best professional support – backed by ESET’s teams of renowned researchers, operating across the globe – is available 24/7/365 to address your IT security needs and issues.

Faster response

When you’re under pressure, standard product support sometimes isn’t enough. Exchange your place in the ‘ticket queue’ for a guaranteed response time.

Complexity managed

You know that the solutions you need to protect your entire Enterprise can be very complex. With ESET experts on hand, resolving issues becomes a manageable task.

Business continuity

ESET products are designed to be intuitive and come with comprehensive documentation. Still, having ESET expertise on hand reduces the risks of any downtime or gaps in vital operations.

Resources allocated

If your skilled IT personnel are already committed to core-business tasks, with our MDR solutions you can call on ESET’s to help manage your security.

Reduced risk

Complex security risks, and the time and resources spent resolving them, can threaten an organization's survival. With guaranteed IT security support from ESET, your operations are protected.

Airtight multilayered security with expert support

ESET's MDR service (Detection and Response Ultimate) represents the most densely multilayered and effective cybersecurity approach in the world. ESET has 30 years of experience and enjoys consistent recognition from leading industry analysts.

The MDR service takes ESET's cutting-edge technology and augments it with hands-on expertise, delivered 24/7/365, ensuring antimalware technology and strategy are perfectly aligned.

With full XDR capabilities thanks to ESET Inspect, the XDR-enabling component, this is the optimal approach to securing your enterprise.

Protected by ESET digital security, your business can fully benefit from the progress that new technologies enable.

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Worried about ransomware, zero-day or email attacks? ESET has an approach that will protect your organization and provide as much support as your security team needs.

ESET’s Security Service (Detection and Response Essential) works together with your ESET endpoint security products to deliver a complete security solution that acts preventively, reactively, and proactively. It reinforces your IT security team with on-call support from ESET experts, who are ready to help if any serious security issues arise. This service covers everything from basic malware investigation to incident investigation and response, to digital forensics.

Compare ESET's detection and response services


Investigate, identify and resolve threats to your endpoints


Get assistance with ESET Inspect for improved incident response


Full-fledged MDR with proactive threat hunting and monitoring

Malware: missing detection Submitted file, URL, domain or IP analyzed and if malicious, detection is added and information about malware family is provided

Malware: cleaning problem Cleaning of submitted file is tested and improved if found problematic. Standalone cleaner application might be provided

Malware: ransomware infection Ransomware infection is evaluated and if decryption is possible, a decryptor is provided or mitigation and prevention hints are provided

False positive Submitted file, URL, domain or IP is analyzed and if found to be falsely detected, detection is removed

General: Suspicious behavior investigation Based on description of suspicious behavior and other data, behavior is analyzed, and a potential solution is suggested

Basic file analysis Clean file: basic info is provided. Malicious: reasons for detection, malware family and basic info about functionality is provided

Detail file analysis Clean file: basic info is provided. Malicious: reasons for detection, malware family and detailed info about functionality is provided

Digital forensic Data from the affected environment are analyzed. Requested level of information is provided

Digital forensic incident response assistance Incident is investigated online. Consultation is provided. This may lead to file analysis and/or digital forensic response

Support – rules Specified rule or behavior is analyzed and consultation is provided

Support – exclusions Specified exclusion or behavior is analyzed and consultation is provided

ESET Inspect related questions Specified behavior is analyzed. Result may be advice to the customer or bug/improvement for developers

Initial Optimization One-time action (may contain several rounds). Frequent FP detections checked, exclusions created, custom rules created/rules modified

Threat Hunting (on-demand) Threat investigation, root cause analysis and remediation advice without the need for extra internal resources

Threat Monitoring Proactive monitoring and real-time alerts by ESET experts whenever a security anomaly or possible breach is detected

Threat Hunting (proactive) Threat investigation, root cause analysis and remediation advice without the need for extra internal resources

Deployment & Upgrade ESET experts install and configure a specific product in your environment to ensure it will work optimally from day one

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