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Latest Press Releases

ESET Leader in G2 summer report for ESET PROTECT Advanced

ESET, a global leader in digital security, has been awarded Leader status in G2’s report for summer 2022.

ESET Research: Lazarus attacks aerospace and defence contractors worldwide while misusing LinkedIn and WhatsApp

During the annual ESET World conference, ESET researchers presented a new investigation into the infamous Lazarus APT group. Director of ESET Threat Research Jean-Ian Boutin went over various new...

ESET Threat Report details targeted attacks connected to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and how the war changed the threat landscape

ESET released its T1 2022 Threat Report today, summarising key statistics from ESET detection systems and highlighting notable examples of ESET’s cybersecurity research.

ESET launches new Telco and ISP product offering

ESET, a global leader in cybersecurity, has announced a new suite of products for the Telecommunications and Internet Service Provider (Telco and ISP) industry to offer extensive protection to...

Corporate Blog

How to protect yourself against cyberattacks that plague the gaming industry

In this two-part blog series, ESET UK has gathered information on how to keep the best secure online, what to do if you think you’ve been hacked, and we’ve looked at some of the most significant...

11 massive video game companies recently targeted by cybercriminals

In this follow-up piece, ESET UK has delved into the biggest cyber hacks in the gaming industry to date. There have been multiple major cyberattacks and security breaches involving video game...

Identify Theft Protection

In the digital age, we all need to take identity protection seriously. With the right personal details, bad actors can wreak havoc with your financial and private lives. Thankfully, there's a reliable...

8 Reasons to Keep Your Social Media Set to Private

Many people recommend locking down your social media accounts to stay safe on the internet. What they don't usually tell you is exactly why switching to private mode is a sensible thing to do.


An eighties classic – Zero Trust

A deep-dive in Zero-trust, to help you navigate in a zero-trust world and further secure your organization.

The post An eighties classic – Zero Trust appeared first on WeLiveSecurity

How to check if your PC has been hacked, and what to do next

Has your PC been hacked? Whatever happens, don’t panic. Read on for ten signs your PC has been hacked and handy tips on how to fix it.

The post How to check if your PC has been hacked, and what to do...

Develop a zero‑trust environment to protect your organization – Week in security with Tony Anscombe

Learn the basics of zero-trust, and how building a zero-trust environment can protect your organization.

The post Develop a zero‑trust environment to protect your organization – Week in security with...

Don’t get singed by scammers while you’re carrying the torch for Tinder 

Are you on Tinder? With 75 million monthly active users, you might be able to find the right one. However there are also traps you need to look out for. Read more about catfishing, sextortion,...