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Never share your password. Share this page, though, and help your friends stay safe online.

Never share your password. Share this page, though, and help your friends stay safe online.

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Generating a secure password is one small step to online safety. Store your passwords with Password Manager, part of ESET Smart Security Premium.

Combine ESET’s strong password generator with our top password tips

  1. Avoid reusing the same password – you want a unique password for every site or account that needs one
  2. The longer the better – your password should be at least eight characters, and over 16 is ideal for the strongest password
  3. Character variety is key – at least one number and one special character, a mix of cases, as well as unrelated words or no words at all
  4. Avoid words and names associated with you – no family, friends, pets or places that you have a connection with
  5. Avoid numbers or dates associated with you – this means no birthdays, house numbers or anything that can be tied back to you
  6. Change your passwords often – every few weeks is ideal
  7. Use a password manager – keeping track of your long, unique and character-varied passwords can be challenging, so a trustworthy Password Manager can prove essential to help you keep track

Frequently Asked Questions

Is ESET Password Generator safe?

Yes, absolutely! ESET Password Generator is purely client-side JavaScript, so it only runs in your browser. Furthermore, the generator does not send the passwords it creates anywhere other than to your device’s clipboard, and it only does that if you choose to copy a specific, generated password.

The tool also follows the Digital Identity Standards set by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), allowing you to generate a potential new password with the desired length and complexity parameters by choosing the ASCII character groups used, in any combination of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, digits, and punctuation marks and symbols. ESET Password Generator can thus produce a wide variety of non-dictionary, hard-to-guess passwords that would take an intractably long time to brute force.

Why should I use a password generator?

A typical internet user has dozens of online accounts. Each of these accounts should be protected by a strong, unique, and secret password. However, it is challenging to come up with these complex passcodes! Using a password generator can help reduce that burden and, together with a reliable password manager, offers a solution that will help protect accounts with strong and secure passwords.

How do I create a strong password?

A strong password is:

  • Unique for each account.
  • Known only to the account owner.
  • At least eight characters long.
  • Hard to guess, avoid easily guessed options, dictionary words, and personal information such as names of your family members, pet names and birthdays.

Why shouldn’t I use weak passwords? Which are the worst choices?

ESET recommends avoiding passwords that are easy to guess, trivial keyboard patterns, or that are in the dictionary, since these are among the first options tested by the cybercriminals who are trying to obtain access into online accounts. However, as documented by hundreds of millions of passwords that leak every year, still too many of us prefer comfort over security and choose inherently insecure passwords. Some of the worst – yet still very popular – choices include:

  • Variations of the word “password”
  • Variations of simple numerical series “12345678”
  • Easy to type options such as “qwerty”, “qwertz” or other trivial keyboard patterns.
  • Combinations of the above

And if you administer your organisation's login policy, make sure that the requirements preclude using such weak passwords!

Can a strong password be hacked?

The stronger it is, the harder it will be for it to be hacked. However, there’s no guarantee that a password cannot be hacked, no matter how complex it is. There’s always a chance your password could be stolen or involved in a leak too; in which case its strength wouldn’t protect it. While this is the case, however, you’re always better off doing everything you can to make your password as strong and secure as possible.

Are password generators safe?

Legitimate password generators are safe for you to use; just be sure that they meet the right standards, don’t save your password anywhere and create generate passwords with enough complexity to avoid hacking. A good password generator, like our own, will create truly random passwords.

How do password generators work?

Our password generator uses a number of user inputs to automatically create unique passwords. A password generator will allow you to set a number of parameters then use an algorithm to generate a unique string of characters based on these.

The password generator allows you to pick your new password’s length, as well as whether it uses uppercase, lowercase, numbers and/or symbols. It will then simply generate a password for you to copy and begin using.